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Applied CAD/CAM, Inc.
15252 West Freeway Dr.
Forest Lake, MN 55025
USA TEL: (612) 464-9465
FAX: (612) 464-9466
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Intelligence that Works!
Authorized Reseller for Computervision, Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard

CAD Services Nederland B.V.
PO Box 237
The Netherlands TEL: 31 33 434 5000
FAX: 31 33 434 5010
BBS: 31 30 6090283
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CAD Services Nederland is a Personal Designer/Machinist Reseller since 1988. Our expertise lies in UPL programming, sheet-metal, shipbuilding, piping isometrics, PD/PDM integration. Our application Personal Sheet Metal is one of the most powerful sheet-metal packages around!.
CAD Services Nederland is een Personal Designer/Machinist Reseller vanaf 1988. Onze ervaring ligt in maatwerkapplicaties op basis van UPL, plaatwerk, jacht- en scheepsbouw, profielsystemen (2D en 3D) en de integratie van PD met PDM.

Engineering Srl
Via Sant’
Orsola 51/1
47023 CESENA (FO)
ITALY TEL: 39 547 630842
FAX: 39 547 630844
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Engineering Slr has sold PD since 1989 and specializes in the development of third-party UPL and C applications.

Industrial Strength Software
3322 Wayne Drive
North Vancouver, BC V7N 4C1
CANADA TEL: (604) 985-5570
FAX: (604) 985-5570
Selling Personal Designer since 1984

MICROCAD Solutions
1809 E. Dyer Road
Santa Ana, CA 92705
USA TEL: (714) 756-0588
FAX: (714) 756-0985
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MICROCAD Solutions offers PD sales, support, training, and third-party applications in offices across the US.

Soft Designs, Inc.
1701 W. Northwest Hwy.
Grapevine, TX 76051
USA TEL: (817) 329-5075
FAX: (817) 329-5076
Founded in 1993, Soft Designs, Inc. has become a leading reseller of Computervision CAD/CAM/CAE software in the South Central United States. With over 50 years of experience in the CAD/CAM/CAE Industry, Soft Designs can provide you with the complete solution for your application.

Barclays Venture Centre
21/22 Sir William Lyons Road
University of Warwick Science Park
TEL: (44)-(0)-1203-690180
FAX: (44)-(0)-1203-690164
BBS: (44)-(0)-1203-690158
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Dial onto our bulletin board
echo of 4D BBS – including third-party products from DDI and Brock Rooney.
Select Software is the sole distributor of Personal Designer/Machinist in the UK & Holland. Also other associated CAD products (View & Markup, Translators, CADDS Database Checkers, Sheet Metal etc.) and serving other countries world wide.

Kettelerstr. 33
64646 Heppenheim
GERMANY TEL: xx49-6252-99390
FAX: xx49-6252-9939-13
Visit The CAD Company Web Site
The CAD Company serves PD customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe.

Brock Rooney & Associates Inc.
915 Westwood
Birmingham, MI 48009
USA TEL: (248) 645-0236
FAX / BBS: (248) 645-9020
Brockware is the maker of the best bi-directional PD to DXF, PD to IGES, and PD CADDS database translators. Brockware also offers Rapid Prototyping / Stereolithography of PD.

PO Box 634
Mukwonago, WI 53149
USA TEL: (414) 363-9107
FAX: (414) 363-9107
Visit the CIMCo Web Site
CIMCo provides its customers with the technical expertise, tools and services required to utilize today’s technology to it’s fullest extent. CIMCo is an add-on product developer and service provider for Personal Designer. CIMCo also offers VHS-based training courses for Personal Designer revision 6.0.

Draftware Developers, Inc.
132 University Circle
Conway, SC 29526
USA TEL: (843) 347-7994
FAX: (843) 347-8494
BBS: (843) 347-8494
Visit the DDI Web Site
Draftware Developers are the producers of Viewing, Plotting and Markup software for Personal Designer, microDRAFT, CADDS 4X and CADDS 5. Draftview runs in the DOS, MS-Windows, SunOS, Solaris and HP-UX environments.
Download a Windows demo version of DraftViewfor PD now.
Visit the DDI Web site for other demo versions.

Enhanced Design Systems
Burlington MA
USA TEL: (617)-273-0086 (evenings ET )
EDS is a developer of advanced UPL geometry creation tools, including the Pseudo Solids Modeling Kit for Personal Designer and other powerful UPL applications. Send us your ideas, EDS will develop custom applications that enhance your ability to quickly and accurately create clean sophisticated geometry. Documented EDShareware versions of many applications are available for download.

Huffhines & Associates
1609 Rebecca Lane
Arlington, TX 76014
USA TEL: (817) 277-4894
FAX: (817) 860-8823
Expand Your Knowledge And Get The Most From Your PD Software
Huffhines & Associates offers Personal Designer Training and Comprehensive Manuals. Customized PD classes can be held at your site or the Huffhines Training Center.