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2D Drafting

PD offers excellent drafting features including ANSI, ISO, and JIS standard dimensioning feature. Multiple associative views allow the user to create a single model (2D or 3D) and then apply dimensions in up to 200 different views per drawing sheet. This means that if part model is changed the dimension drawings are automatically updated to reflect the changes in the model.

The User Programming Language (UPL)
UPL is a powerful programming language offering both simple high-level functions for novice programmers, and powerful low-level functionality for expert programmers. There are many third party UPL applications available to enhance PD.

The User Interface

PD offers several different methods for user interaction. These include two completely different on screen menu systems (both of which are highly customizable), tablet menus, hot keys, macro files, on-the-fly macros, mouse macros, UPL programs, and even typed commands. The new interface delivered with PD version 6.0 (and up) is extremely powerful, offering customization features for both novices and experts.

3D Modeling

NURB surfacing tools include ruled surfaces… surfaces of rotation… drive sweeps… fillets… Coon’s Patches… lofted surfaces… trimmed surfaces… and holes. Dozens of Bezier surface commands add to the NURB functionality. Shading, hidden line removal, construction planes, and many other tools make PD an extremely powerful modeler.

Personal Machinist

Personal Machinist extends Personal Designer with a robust selection of fully integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) tools including 2 to 3 axis milling, 2 axis turning, and 2 to 4 axis Wire EDM.